The Museum's Costume Institute collection holds several rare copies of Gazette du bon ton: art, modes & frivolités, a limited-edition luxury periodical published in Paris from 1912 to 1915 and from 1920 through 1925.

The complete run consisted of twelve volumes. The Gazette featured elegant fashions of pre- and postwar France by leading designers, utilizing the technique that revolutionized fashion illustration - pochoir, or stenciling by hand with watercolor. Contributing artists included Georges Lepape, Pierre Grissaud, H. R. Dammy, George Barbier, Strimpl, Maggie, and Guy Arnoux.

Our jewelry is adapted from stylish jewelry and accessories illustrated in an issue of the Gazette from 1922. The magnifier pendant is silver overlay with hand enameling.

Chain: 36''L
Pendant: 4''L
Magnification: 2X

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