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Choosing a walking cane to accompany your walk is important and reflective of one’s self.

  • Age 40-50

    Sophia, 40
    Youth Counsellor

    Occasional Pain in Joints & Back Aches

    I was originally looking for a walking stick for post-surgery recovery. I was recommended Cane Art canes because they are designed to be both functional and fashionable. They look nice!

    Mei, 32
    Business Owner



    Old knee injury

    I have a pretty bad knee injury from my hockey days that acts up and causes me quite abit of discomfort especially during cold and rainy days. I was recommended a heating pad by my friend whose mom uses one and it has worked really great for me. The heat is really soothing and helps with blood circulation too.

  • Age 50-70

    Ms Wong

    Hip and knee issues

    My hip and knee problems have been acting up more often nowadays. My sons have always nagged me to use a walking stick and I've finally received one from Cane Art as a gift from them. I use it frequently and it really has helped me alot. I've even gotten another design for myself for variety! 

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  • Age 70+

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